As part of a larger initiative, OFCIO is developing a data schema to represent Federal IT policy in a machine readable format. The Policy Schema will create new possibilities for automatically parsing policy and linking it to statute, agency policy, and compliance data, among other things. The Policy Schema will also inform the policy drafting process, helping OFCIO craft more carefully structured and targeted policy requirements and ensure that we complement them with consistent metadata.

The Policy Schema is the backbone of two projects we’re using to improve IT policy overall. The first (“Project Cruft”) will use the Policy Schema to cross-analyze the requirements within all existing policies in order to identify targets for rescission and revision, such as in cases where there are duplicative or outdated requirements. The second (“IT Policy Library 2.0”) will use the populated policy schema to power a modern website that will dramatically lower the burden on agencies and the public to undertstanding and applying policy.

As we continue to develop the Policy Schema, we invite you to provide feedback on the schema and propose changes. How can we make the schema as useful as possible? How can we make sure it stays flexible and interoperable over time? We need your help making this open standard as intuitive and as useful as possible.

We’re developing the Policy Schema as an open source project. To contribute, please open an issue or create a pull request.