Schema Definition

The Policy Schema is currently in alpha. We are putting it through its paces by using it to analyze current policy and are making regular updates as needed. Read on for a definition of the elements it currently includes as well as an example XML document.

Schema Elements

OMB Data Element Data Type Optional? Description  
reqID CALCULATED 0 The unique identifier for the requirement; generated as the ombPolicyId + “.####”  
reqText string 0 The actual text of the requirement, copied and pasted from the policy as written  
reqStatus enum; AMENDMENT, NEW, RETIRED 0 Describes whether the requirement is designed to address an existing requirement, or is new. One-off AMENDMENTS published in the future shall be listed within the parent (amended) policy’s information. AMENDMENTS shall also be listed with “relatedReqs” equal to the reqId of the amended requirement.  
reqIssuanceYear YYYY 1 The year the requirement came to be official and acting on agencies (usually the release year of the policy)  
reqDeadline string 1 If the requirement has a deadline associated with it (a date by which it must be fully completed) that may be inserted here for reference  
relatedReqs array 1 The rIds of any requirements dependent upon, related to, cited by, or other in this requirement  
Citation string 1 If the requirement references (directly or via footnote) another policy, that full citation may be inserted here for reference  
agenciesImpacted array enum; {“All CFO-Act”, “OMB”, “Commerce”, “DHS”, “DOD”, “DOT”, “ED”, “Energy”, “EPA”, “GSA”, “HHS”, “HUD”, “Interior”, “Justice”, “Labor”, “NARA”, “NASA”, “NRC”, “NSF”, “OPM”, “SBA”, “SSA”, “State”, “Treasury”, “USACE”, “USAID”, “USDA”, “VA”, “other”} 0 The agency(ies) responsible for carrying out a specific part of the requirement; enter the abbreviation of the parent, department-level agency. Put “All CFO-Act” for provisions made generally to the agencies, or “other” to refer to some other subdivision based on a characteristic or descriptor that cannot be clearly or permanently associated with specific agencies (i.e. “agencies that have outsourced data centers should…” would be a requirement acting on “other” because the group of agencies being referenced cannot be listed out with certain accuracy; however, “agencies that begin with the letter ‘E’…” should be entered as “Energy”, “EPA”, “ED” and “civilian agencies” should be listed as “Commerce”, “DHS”, “DOT”, “ED”, “Energy”, “EPA”, “GSA”, “HHS”, “HUD”, “Interior”, “Justice”, “Labor”, “NARA”, “NASA”, “NRC”, “NSF”, “OPM”, “SBA”, “SSA”, “State”, “Treasury”, “USACE”, “USAID”, “USDA”, “VA”. If the policy names a bureau, the parent department-level agency may be listed.  
ombDataCollection enum; IDC, Data Center Inventory, public agency webpage, IT Dashboard, … (other official names of OMB data collections) 1 If the requirement names an OMB data collection that will be used, place that information here.  
policyTitle string 0 The title of the policy minus its ombPolicyId  
policyType enum; Memorandum, Circular 1 The type of document the policy is in (e.g. Memorandum; Circular)  
issuingBody enum; OMB OFCIO, OMB OIRA, OMB OFPP, Other (see source document)   The group within OMB that issued the policy. The “Other (see source document)” option is provided for older memoranda that were issued prior to the identification or formation of the provided omb offices, or if the issuing body is an office other than one of the previously listed offices.  
uriPolicyId string 0 The web address (URL) where the finalized policy lives/can be accessed; alternatively, if the policyStatus is “DRAFT” then insert the URL for the public comment page.  
ombPolicyId string 0 The code or abbreviation OMB uses most to refer to the policy  
policyIssuanceYear Date 0 Year that the policy was issued  
policyStatus enum; FINAL, DRAFT, RETIRED 0 Status of the policy, DRAFT, ACTIVE, etc.  
precedent array 1 A precedent policy or legal statute that led to or is directly related to the policy  
policySunset date 1 The date the parent policy expires/is sunset - optional only because some older memos do not have sunset clauses in them  
policySection string 1 The heading or section of the policy in which the requirement can be found - optional only because some older M memos do not have subsections with headings  
policySubSection string 1 The subheading or subsection of the policy in which the requirement can be found - optional only because some older M memos do not have subsections with headings  
keywords CALCULATED 1 Key words in the requirement  
chapterHeading CALCULATED 0 Chapter where the requirement can be found  
partHeading CALCULATED 0 Heading where the requirement can be found  
subchap CALCULATED 0 If there is a subchapter it is listed here  
titleNumber CALCULATED 0 the title number  
chapterNumber CALCULATED 0 The chapter number  
contactEmail string 1 The email address to the issuing office of the policy, in case the viewer has further questions; for example, “”  
contactURL String 1 Url of office issuing policy  
verb array 1 Verb used to describe the requirement  

Example XML

The Policy Schema is expressed as XML. Here’s an example of what it looks like with some policy content included.

	<issuingBody>Office of Management and Budget (OMB)</issuingBody>
	<policyTitle>Data Center Optimization Initiative(DCOI)</policyTitle>
			<agenciesImpacted>CFO Act Agencies</agenciesImpacted>
			<cita>FITARA Section 834(b)(1)(A)-(E)</cita>
			<policySubSection>Strategic Plan</policySubSection>
				<element>IT Project Management</element>
				<element>Governance - Implementation</element>
			<ombDataCollection>Data Center Inventory</ombDataCollection>
				In accordance with FITARA, beginning in fiscal year 2016, each agency head shall annually publish a Strategic Plan to describe the agency’s consolidation and optimization strategy for fiscal years 2016, 2017, and 2018.