M-17-06 - Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites and Digital Services

November 4, 2016


From Shaun Donovan- Director Office of Management and Budget

Howard Shelanski- Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

Subject- Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites and Digital Services

Federal Agency public websites and digital services are the primary means by which the public receives information from and interacts with the Federal Government. These websites and services help the public apply for benefits, search for jobs, comply with Federal rules, obtain authoritative information, and much more. Federal websites and digital services should always meet and maintain high standards of effectiveness and usability and provide quality information that is readily accessible to all.

The May 23, 2012 Digital Government Strategy set forth a roadmap to help agencies improve digital services and use emerging technologies to serve the public as effectively as possible1. Building on that strategy, on August 11, 2014, the White House released the U.S. Digital Service Playbook containing 13 key “plays” drawn from successful practices from the private sector and government2. The requirements in this Memorandum support building effective and user-centric digital services as outlined in those two documents. The goals of this Memorandum also align with the principles of OMB Memorandum M-11-24, Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service, and OMB Memorandum M-10-06, Open Government Directive. 3

This Memorandum rescinds and replaces OMB Memorandum M-05-04, Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites.

For questions on this memorandum, please contact: infopolicy-oira@omb.eop.gov.



2: https://playbook.cio.gov/

3: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/memoranda/2011/m11-24.pdf; http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/assets/memoranda_2010/m10-06.pdf