1. Establish Integral Digital Governance

A strong governance structure will help agencies develop coherent priorities, set up lines of accountability, and satisfy the public’s expectation of the best possible level of service. Agencies must manage their websites and digital services not as discrete individual IT projects, but as part of a comprehensive strategy covering all their digital information and services.

A. As required in the Digital Government Strategy, every agency must establish a plan for governing its digital services, including websites and data.5

B. Each agency must publicly post its governance plan on its Digital Strategy page at www.[agency].gov/digitalstrategy/ and update this page to reflect the current status of the agency’s digital governance structure. 6


5: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/egov/digital-government/digital-government-strategy.pdf; requirement 4.2.

6: For standardized webpage locations cited in this memo such as www.[agency].gov/digitalstrategy and others, a similar format should be used if the agency resides on a .mil domain (e.g., www.[agency].mil/digitalstrategy).